Slide Cristian Cristian Hallivuori has been teaching photography and photo editing for nearly 20 years. Has has been a teacher in Helsinki Vocational and Adult Education Institute, with the responsibility of teaching documentary and studio photography, photo editing, and color management. Cristian is an inspiring instructor who can adapt to needs of all kinds of students.

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Intro Photography Masterclass Next season starts in the autumn This Masterclass is a true “A to Z” course that will grant you the skills needed for photography. This course is offered by Cristian Hallivuori, a professional photographer who has taught students of photography and professional photographers for nearly 20 years. Intro

Photography Masterclass

Lets learn together! This Photography Masterclass consists of seven lessons covering the basic principles of digital photography to advanced levels of photo editing. This course provides a solid foundation that allows the participant to continue developing his / her skills as photographer independently. The course is conducted online using the Zoom web service. The course focuses specifically on the technical aspects of photography, but will also contain assignments where we can cover the creative aspects of photography.

Personal guidance

Participation in this course does not require previous photography experience, but still offers a lot for those who are already practitioners. During the lessons, the participants have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance.

It is recommended to attend all the courses as a whole, but you can join individual lessons if you have the the base skills required for the lesson and if there is space in the class. The duration of one lesson is approximately 3-4 hours.

Course days

This Masterclass will be held on Thursdays 17-21 (CET) and on Sundays 9-13 (CET) for the following 7 weeks starting from 30th of April. After every lesson you will be given assignments where feedback will be provided. Participants will receive a recording of the lessons for their own use. If the given dates are not fitting your schedule you can participate to the poll and influence on other possible days for the lessons.

You can find more details about the course and reserve your attendance after the presentation of the lessons. (Jump there)

Intro Basic Principles Of Photography Thu 30.4. 17-21 / Sun 3.5. 10-14 Watch video Photography is easy if you are familiar with the core principles. In this lesson, we will introduce the concept of exposure (and other important settings), composition, and light. We will also perform exercises in order familiarise and solidify these concepts with participants. After this lesson, you will understand the core principles of photography and will be able to take more beautiful photos with confidence.

What is needed: Your own camera, preferably a DSLR.
1st lesson
Intro Watch video

Intro Introduction to Photoshop Thu 7.5. 17-21 / Sat 9.5. 10-14 Watch video We will learn the basics of image processing through Photoshop. We will learn to convert RAW images correctly and make basic edits and local adjustments with selection tools, adjustment layers, and masks. We will focus on understanding what it means to have “good colours in the image.” After this lesson, you will know the basics of Photoshop and the best practice for photo editing. You will know how to edit photos for different kind of uses, such as printing or Facebook.

What is needed: Adobe Photoshop CC and Bridge installed on your computer.
2nd lesson
Intro Watch video

Intro Basics of Lightroom Thu 14.5. 17-21 / Sun 7.6. 10-14 Watch video With Lightroom you can easily and quickly select, edit, and publish larger amounts of images. In this lesson, we will learn the best ways to use the features of Lightroom. We will also learn how to build image archives based on keywords and how to accelerate your workflow with Loupedeck console.

What is needed: Understanding of the basic principles of photo editing (see lesson 1) and Adobe Lightroom Classic CC installed on your computer.
3rd lesson
Intro Watch video

Intro Advanced Photoshop Thu 21.5. 17-21 / Sun 31.5. 10-14 Watch video Photoshop reveals its power as we continue to explore more advance techniques of photo editing. In this lesson, we learn to make compositions by combining images and advanced retouching of portraits and graphics.
What is needed: Photoshop CC installed in your computer, your own camera, the basic knowledge of using Photoshop.
4th lesson
Intro Watch video

Intro Other applications Thu 28.5. 17-21 / Sun 14.6. 10-14 Watch video Adobe’s applications have been the industry standard for a long time, but its monthly based pricing model makes its use less appealing. At the same time, there are several other applications that offering almost all the same features at a more reasonable price. In this lesson, we will take a look at the different options (i.e., Gimp, Affinity, Darktable, & Luminar) and see what features they offer.

What is needed: An understanding of the basic principles of photo editing.
5th lesson
Intro Watch video

Intro Colour Management Watch video Thu 4.6. 17-21 / Sun 10.5. 10-14 The purpose of Colour Management is to ensure that the colours of our images will be reproduced and seen (on our screen or in print) in the way they were intended. At the heart of Colour Management are colour profiles, and because of this; we will dive into understanding these profiles. Afterwards, we will learn to apply correct colour settings in applications, calibrate and profile our screen, to choose the right print settings, and to make colour separation for printing services.

What is needed: Photoshop installed on your computer. If you want to practice calibrating your screen, then you should have your own device, but is not needed to understand the process.
6th lesson
Intro Watch video

Intro Using speedlights Thu 11.6. 17-21 / Sun 24.5. 10-14 Watch video With the help of Speedlights, we acquire more freedom in our photography, but also introduce potential challenges to it. In this lesson, we will discuss how we can use speedlights correctly, leverage radio control use, and how to combine natural light with flashlight. This lesson will also provide a basic understanding about photography in a studio setting.

What is needed: Your own camera and speedlight. You should also have a good understanding of the basics of photography. If you do not own your own speedlight, this lesson will aid you in determining if you need one.
7th lesson
Intro Watch video

Course days

You can attend the course on Thursdays 17-21 (CET) and Sundays 10-14 (CET). The same lesson is offered on two separate occasions, so you can choose the one that best fits your schedule. Note: Thursday- and Sunday- lessons are following different sequence - this enables people to take the whole Masterclass in shorter time if one can attend both Thursdays and Sundays . If the offered days do not meet your schedule but you would like to join the course, then participate in the poll toward the end of this page to influence the days offered.
See days in your Google- calendar.


Lesson 1: Basic principles of Photography:
Thursday 30.4. & Sunday 3.5.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Photoshop:
Thursday 7.5. & Saturday 9.5.(starting at 10 am)

Lesson 3: Basics of Lightroom:
Thursday 14.5. & Sunday 7.6.

Lesson 4: Advanced Photoshop:
Thursday 21.5. & Sunday 31.5.


Lesson 5: Other applications:
Thursday 28.5. & Sunday 14.6.

Lesson 6: Color Management:
Thursday 4.6. & Sunday 10.5.

Lesson 7: Using the Speedlights:
Thursday 11.6 & Sunday 24.5.

Participants will also receive a recording from all the lessons attended. This way, one can review the lessons at your own pace or catch up if you miss a lesson or could not attend it fully.

Intro Photography Masterclass Buy the course Buy lessons Now this completete Masterclass
with 7 lessons 250€ (including VAT).
Separate lessons 49€.
Live online

Live online

This course is offered online using the Zoom web service. You should have a fast enough internet connection and computer to follow the course with minimal to no interruption in connectivity. The teaching is offered “live” so, during the lessons, you have all the time to ask questions and receive guidance real time. The lessons also contain both lectures and guided exercises. If you attending the entire Masterclass suite, you will also have the possibility of performing the assignments and receive feedback.


The instructor of this Masterclass is Cristian Hallivuori who has nearly 20 years’ experience teaching photography and photo editing in Helsinki Vocational and Adult Education Institute. You can see his full cv and references from his LinkedIn profile. He is also creative photographer and video producer - see his photography portfolio from here.

From “A to Z”

This Masterclass begins with the basic principles of Photography and editing and progresses to more advanced techniques. If you are already a photography practitioner, this course may fill in crucial gaps in your basic skills that have been preventing you from developing your art. The lessons focus more on the technical part of photography, but one can practice your creativity through the assignments given at the end of each lesson.

Realisation of the Lessons

Lesson will be conducted if a minimum of 5 students attend. If there are not enough participants, the lesson will be cancelled and the participation fee will be refunded for those who paid to attend. At the end of this page is a poll to see if there are other more popular times for the lessons than the ones suggested above. If one of the times proves to be more suitable, the course will be held at those times.

Individual lessons

A maximum of 15 students can attend one lesson to ensure personal guidance for the participants. In the case that you cannot attend the whole Masterclass, you are welcome to join individual lessons as long as you have the required knowledge needed for each lesson and space permits. Price for individual lesson is 49 euros (including VAT).

Technical requirements

You should have your own digital camera (preferably DSLR), especially for the first lesson. For most of the lessons, we learn photo editing with different applications. Verify beforehand that your computer meets the requirements of the applications leveraged in this course.

Install from here Adobe softwares.
Affinity free trial version of Affinity Photo for 90 days
System requirements for Zoom.

Download a printable introduction to the Masterclass here. For further inquiries, please contact at: Cristian(at)Cristian.fi

Was it a bad day? Don't worry, let us know what days are fitting you the best. Your wish might come true soon :) Please, vote only if you really want to come to the lessons. You can choose several options. All times are CET.
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